Sunday, August 31, 2008

Both of these layouts are of Seth Cooper's Birthday Party. Curtis and Seth's Dad, Adam, have been friends their whole lives. They attended school together and then moved out on their own sharing the responsibilities of renting a home. Now they work together. Seth and Riley are the same age so this also keeps this connected. Riley always enjoys Seth's parties because swimming is always involved.

Build-A-Bear Layouts - What Fun!
I love doing Build-A-Bear layouts because they are so much fun and so vibrant. I like all the bright colors and the overall joy the pictures reveal. I couldn't find the right stickers for the layouts so I had to make my own embellishments. I wanted to label the step Riley went through in making his bear. I cut out little bear heads to put the titles on. I also but out a large bear head for my journaling. This was 2 seperate Build-A-Bear trips with many, many more to come.

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Riley finally lost his first tooth. He was a little bit worried that it would NEVER happen. Many in his preschool class had already lost their first one. He worried about it so much; would he swallow it, would it hurt, would he be with Mommy when it happened, would it bleed alot, etc. I struggled on this layout because it did mean so much to him. I've still got to figure out a creative way to mount his actual tooth onto the page. Now I'm worried that I may lose it, it's sooooo tiny.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

My all around favorite layouts for the Design Team were the fall ones. I LOVE Fall. So this is when I get my best pictures. My son at the time had the most beautiful curly hair I'd ever seen and this was a focal point in most all my pics. We love playing in the leaves and visiting the Pumpkin Patch so this is what I designed these 2 layouts on. My assignment was Fall so I picked my favorite fall colors and went from there.

The pumpkin layout was a remake of one I had originally done for my own scrapbook some time ago. I won 2 contest from it with "Creating Keepsakes" and "".

My 2nd assignment consisted of using anything I wanted from the new "Fancy Pants" and "Karen Foster" lines that had just been released. I used the "Fancy Pants" paper and rub-ons to make a beautiful page of my niece, Emma. "Karen Foster" had a new Zoo line out that was irresistable so I dug up some old photos of my son, Riley do make this layout.

These were my first 2 Design Team double page layouts for "The Scrapbook Attic". It was a lot of fun picking out my supplies. The rule was that you could use ANYTHING in the store as long as it came from their store. I had never had the opportunity to shop without the regard of expense before. I was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Since I lived so far away, Misty let me take extra supplies home with me and I would just return any unused items when I brought my layouts back. This made it much easier since I couldn't just run down to the store and get what I might need later.

They gave me an assignment of creating an Easter Layout and a Baby Boy Layout. Of course, I used my sweet little boy to design the pages around. They loved the layouts and it really gave me a boost of confidence to keep on scrappin'.

"The Scrapbook Attic" Design Team

I was so excited to be chosen as a member of the "Design Team" for a some-what local scrapbook store. Ok, it's not very local. The whole reason I didn't try out for another year is because of the 3 hour round trip drive with a 5 year old in the back seat whinning all the way and me being miserably pregnant. Not to mentions gas prices these days. I truly enjoyed the challenge of creating pages for the store. It was a Great feeling walking in the store and seeing MY PAGES hung all around displaying pictures of my little cuties. I might do it again if the opportunity arises in the future but we are sitting this year out.